MBSR Teacher Advancement Intensive (TAI)

9 Days Online

Begins September 23, 2021

PROGRAM SCHEDULE: See below: 3 weekends September-October

Live Online! Mindfulness Training US will be offering this training live via Zoom to allow decreased travel, housing, and climate costs.

The MBSR Teacher Advancement Intensive (TAI) fulfills the second-level formal program in the Mindfulness Center at Brown University’s teacher training pathway to becoming certified as an MBSR teacher. The TAI will strengthen teaching skills, personal practice, and expand experiential and didactic understanding of the elements of teaching MBSR through:

  • Opportunities to practice teaching the elements of MBSR.

  • Receiving peer and teacher trainer feedback in each session.

  • Cultivating skills in offering meditation practices and didactic teachings of MBSR through self-reflection, dialogue, and practice.   

  • Forming community with other MBSR teachers.

  • Between-session assignments prior to each weekend.

  • Strengthening meditation practice. 

  • Widening personal and professional resilience and mindful presence which can be shared with others through teaching.


All teachers for this Teacher Advancement Intensive are members of Mindfulness Training US (MT~US) and the Global Mindfulness Collaborative (GMC) and are certified MBSR Teacher Trainers through the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine and the Mindfulness Center at Brown University School of Public Health (MC@B), a member of the GMC. This TAI is part of the certification path for MBSR teachers utilizing the MC@B teacher trainer curriculum and all participants successfully completing this program will placed on the Mindfulness Training US,  Global Mindfulness Collaborative and the Mindfulness Center at Brown University websites as level 2 MBSR teachers.


  • September 23-25 

  • October 7-9 

  • October 21-23

Prerequisites for this program include previous Foundations program, two qualifying retreats, and regular ongoing meditation practice for at least 2 years. Details and applications will be available here on the website

January 31, 2021. For interest or information on this Fall 2021 TAI: contact@mindfulnesstrainingus.com


Established in the integrity, generosity, and compassion inherent in mindfulness, Mindfulness Training~US is dedicated to evidence-based mindfulness training and teacher education in service of decreasing suffering and increasing thriving for humanity and the planet. In collaboration with international partners, members offer MBSR, MBSR teacher training, MBCT , Interpersonal Mindfulness Practice, various other mindfulness-based trainings, retreats, and are involved in mindfulness research.

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