Janet Curry, MA, MSt, is in private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, and Certified MBSR Teacher Trainer. Her passion for contemplative practice began at age 16 when she took her first course in Transcendental Meditation at a community center in her hometown in Missouri. Her subsequent discovery of the profound healing available through yoga in her early 20’s and, a decade later, mindfulness meditation, has fueled her commitment to offering these practices to others.
In 2019, Janet became one of the first two American’s to receive her Master’s in Mindfulness- Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) from the University of Oxford in the U.K. She has taught MBSR & MBCT in the Four Corners region for nearly 15 years, including at the Durango Cancer Center and in Telluride, CO. She now offers Mindfulness-Based courses and MBSR Teacher Trainings online to participants across the U.S. and abroad. Janet offers presentations and workshops on Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, and on bringing mindfulness to the cultivation of well-being, creativity, and durable happiness.

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